Basic Information About Earth Planet For Kids

basic information about earth planet for kids

Ancient and teeming with life, Earth is a truly amazing planet, with a fascinating tale to tell…
Today, science has revealed much about our planet, from how it formed and has evolved over billions of years through to its current position in the universe. Indeed, right now we have a clearer image of earth planet than ever before. And what a petrifying and improbable image it is. A massive spherical body of metal, rock, liquid and gas postponed perilously within a vast void by an unseen, binding force. It is a body that rotates continuously, is tilted on an axis by 23 degrees and orbits once every 365.256 solar days around a flaming ball of hydrogen 150 million kilometers (93 million miles) away. It is a celestial object that, on face value, is mind-blindingly unlikely. As a result, the truth about our planet and its history eluded humans for thousands of years. Naturally, as beings that like to know the answers to how and why, we have come up with many ways to fill in the gaps.

basic information about earth

Earth Information Facts For Kids

The earth planet was flat; the earth planet was the Center of the universe; and, of course, all manner of complex and fiercely defended beliefs about creation. But then in retrospect, who might have ever guessed that our world formed from specks of dust and mineral grains in a cooling gas cloud of a solar nebula? That the spherical earth planet consists of a series of fluid elemental layers and plates around an iron-rich molten core? Or that our world is over 4.5 billion years old and counting? Only some of the brightest minds over many millennia could grant an insight into these geological realities. While Earth may only be the fifth biggest planet in our Solar System, it is via far the most awe-inspiring. Perhaps most impressive of all, it’s still reaffirming the fundamental laws that have governed the space ever since the Big Bang. Here, we revel our earth planet in all its glory, charting its journey from the origins correct up to the present and what lies ahead

earth information facts

“ Earth is awe-inspiring… it’s still reaffirming the fundamental laws that have governed the universe ever since the Big Bang

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